The Re-return


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I went back to this WordPress account because I want to go back into writing and then I saw that this account was created 5 years ago and I saw a draft post from it. Its title is Philippine Elections 2016 and I wrote there:

This will be my very first blog entry on WordPress. I did not create this account for the election, it just so happened that I happened to create an account here on the same day as the elections.

So yes, I am a Filipino. 18 years old but unfortunately I wasn’t able to register during COMELEC registration season because of some requirement matters. Being not a voter doesn’t mean that you will just shut up and not mind the candidates – their platforms and backgrounds.

Social networking sites and the media have been stressing us for the past few months because of the controversies being revealed by the different parties and sometimes caused by the netizens themselves. On some part, getting reactions and support from the Filipinos are somehow great which means that they truly care for the country and they are exercising their rights to express their opinions and to be able to interact with different people that may change or can add something to their views and perspectives.

All of us want to have a huge change for our country, of course. Change for the better country. We are all looking for a president who can change the Philippines.

Wow, just wow! I can’t even remember that I was thinking like this back when I was 18. If I only knew that the Philippines would be in a total mess right now, I could have continued this blog. It’s just so great to go back to the old version of us and compare how things went. It is also surprising to see how things have changed on how we think and talk. But the only thing that I would say now to myself about that blog is – yes, you are right. Voter or not – never shut up.

The re-return I put for the title’s context is from How I Met Your Mother. So comment down if you are aware. My first blog after 5 years could have been about on why I went back here on WordPress but then this draft post just hit me right in the feels.

Anyways, please follow and read my blogs that will be coming through one of these days.